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Billionaire Warren Buffett and others overcame their fears...

Mr. Buffett now believes that developing your public speaking skills will boost the career value of the average business person by 50%. Billionaire Richard Branson calls communication “the most important skill of an entrepreneur," while Google employee research lists "listening and speaking" among the most important skills of their top employees. 

A new LinkedIn Study (click News Flash at top of page), cites "Oral Communication" (Presenting and Public Speaking) as the #1 in-demand skill by businesses in today's highly-competitive job market. 


Our new publication, The Effective Speaker Workbook, is a 50-page guide for reducing anxiety and building self-confidence that will help to improve your speaking, presenting, selling, interviewing and writing skills, by addressing key concerns in a Q&A format, and providing a range of PRO-TIPS to make you a more confident speaker.

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Unlike other programs, we don't try to make you fit into our formula; instead we take an individual approach that meets your specific needs.


Presentation, public speaking, small group communication and writing skills are among the many programs we offer to our clients.

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