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Video: Our Latest Coaching Session.

Bob Lipp, CSEC founder, addressing a group of real estate salespeople on "Growing Your Income and Closing The Deal." In this video clip, he provides strategic advice on how to approach friends and family members who are planning to sell their home, in order to get the listing.

All Communication Skills Empowerment Center sessions are tailored to our clients' specific goals. We recognize that there is no one formula for how to present or sell in any given situation. That's what makes our services unique... 

and helps you to succeed.

LinkedIn Ranks Communication Skills #1.


Our new workbook can help make you a better communicator today!

A new LinkedIn Study ranks "Oral Communication" (Presenting, Public Speaking and Communication) as the #1 in-demand skill by employers.

This follows an exhaustive study by Google that revealed "the most important qualities of their top employees." These included "listening and speaking," which finished near the top and well above STEM skills.

Business leaders including Warren Buffett and Richard Branson also cite speaking skills near the top of their list, with Mr. Buffett suggesting that the skill will earn business people 50% more income during their careers.


Our new publication, Be a Better Communicator Today! is a 63-page interactive workbook for reducing anxiety and building self-confidence that will help to improve your public speaking, presenting, selling and negotiating skills by addressing key concerns in a Q&A format, and providing a range of informative PRO-TIPS. 

The book is FREE to new clients, or $10 at Amazon. com:

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Why Clients Choose Us.


Unlike other companies, we don't try to make you fit into our formula; instead we take an individual approach that meets your specific needs.


Presentation, public speaking, small group communication and writing skills are among the many programs we offer to our clients.

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