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Billionaire Warren Buffett overcame a tremendous fear of public speaking...

Mr. Buffett now believes that developing your public speaking skills will boost the career value of the average business person by 50%. Billionaire Richard Branson calls communication “the most important skill of an entrepreneur," while Google employee research lists "listening and speaking" among the most important skills of their top employees. 

A new LinkedIn Study (click News Flash at top of page), cites "Oral Communication" (Presenting and Public Speaking) as the #1 in-demand skill by businesses in today's highly-competitive job market. 


Our new publication, The Effective Speaker Workbook, is a 50-page guide for reducing anxiety and building self-confidence that will help to improve your speaking, presenting, selling, interviewing and writing skills, by addressing key concerns in a Q&A format, and providing a range of PRO-TIPS to make you a more confident speaker.

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Meet Our Outstanding Faculty

Justin Aquino

Communication Skills Education Center Senior Faculty

Justin is a leadership and speaking coach 

who helps professionals and business owners transform their Communication Skills, enhance their personal branding, and improve their chances for success. 


Dr. Ginny A. Baro

Communication Skills Education Center Senior Faculty

Dr. Ginny Baro is an international certified executive coach, Amazon #1 bestselling author of 

Fearless Women at Work

motivational speaker, and leadership expert.   


Don Heymann

Communication Skills Education Center Senior Faculty

Don Heymann has more than 30 years of 

experience as a writer and strategist working 

in corporate, marketing, sustainability 

and non-profit communications. 


Regina Huber

Communication Skills Education Center Senior Faculty

Drawing from her extensive corporate and 

entrepreneurial experience on 5 continents, 

Regina is a Transformational Leadership Coach & Consultant for Inclusive Diversity.  


Bob Lipp

Communication Skills Education Center Senior Faculty

Bob Lipp, the founder of Communication Skills 

Education Center, taught Communication at a 

major university and today helps business people 

present and sell more effectively. 


"Full-Service" Communication Skills Training


We teach you the skills required to create a confident, compelling professional presence, while helping you connect with any audience.


Leadership, presentation, public speaking and writing skills are among the many programs we offer to business, organizations, and individuals.

Some of The Books Our Faculty Have Written

Speak Up, Stand Out and Shine


Public speaking and presenting shouldn't be scary. Speak Up, Stand Out and Shine, by Regina Huber, prepares you for practically any situation.

Treat Words Like Food

business communication, presentation, communication skills, selling, public speaking

"Treat Words Like Food" is one of Bob Lipp's favorite suggestions for business people who want to increase message impact and retention.

Fearless Women at Work


Ignite your personal power to pursue the life of your dreams by applying five practical strategies developed by Dr. Ginny A. Baro, an Amazon Books best selling author.

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