Bob Lipp - Public Speaking, Presentations, Sales


Bob Lipp is the founder of Communication Skills Empowerment Center.

For Bob, speaking and writing skills were something he gravitated to as a young man in Brooklyn, NY, where he enjoyed engaging others in conversation, often to learn more.

In college, Bob was invited to join a class where he studied the great philosophers including Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Epictetus, and came to fully appreciate the significance of being able to advance brilliant thoughts and ideas using only the spoken and written word.

Poets like Rudyard Kipling, Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson were also important influences to Bob, who became editor-in-chief of two school newspapers, and was selected to teach public speaking in his senior year as part of a new program for incoming Freshman.

Upon graduation, Bob applied to and was invited to attend law school, but opted instead to accept a scholarship and teach public speaking and related skills as a graduate student at a major university. 

There, he was asked by the Chairman of the Communication Department to join a team of professors who consulted at Procter & Gamble. Bob's focus was helping managers improve their presentation skills.

After receiving his Master's Degree, Bob returned to the NYC area and opened an advertising agency that remains in business after thirty years. 

Throughout his career, Bob has remained passionate about helping business people become more effective communicators, and created the Communication Skills Education Center shortly after learning about Google's Project Oxygen Study. 

This game-changing study revealed that "listening and communicating" were among the "most important qualities of Google's top employees," and expanded Bob's interest in helping people realize their full potential with these "business-critical" skills.

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