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"Speaking and Listening Skills for the Internet Generation," a workbook by Bob Lipp.

Speaking and Listening Skills for the Internet Generation.

Social media isn't your friend if your goal is to become a more effective communicator. 

Whether you are looking to stand out in business, school or life, your ability to listen to and speak effectively with colleagues, customers, classmates, friends and family will often define your success.

Speaking and Listening Skills for the Internet Generation is a hard-copy "interactive workbook" that offers a range of tools and Pro-Tips in a Q & A format to help you become a better speaker, presenter, salesperson, or communicator-in-general; while revealing the limits of social media. 

A recent study by LinkedIn cites "Oral Communication" as the #1 in-demand skill by employers. 

The LinkedIn study follows a thorough study by Google that revealed "the most important qualities of their top employees." These included "listening and speaking," which finished near the top. Many business leaders including Warren Buffett agree, with Mr. Buffett stating that having good speaking and listening skills will earn individuals "50% more income during their business careers."


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