Become a More Effective, Engaging Leader.

Overview: An effective leader or manager is essential for a successful business, and that often starts with how well he or she can communicate with team members, while meeting the expectations of senior staff. Being able to listen to the needs of others, effectively communicate key objectives, and relate to different values and points-of-view is critical.

Empathy towards one’s colleagues is one of Google’s stated keys to becoming a better manager, as are a blend of leadership and coaching skills. 

When a manager fails to reach common ground with his or her team, and alienates, rather than motivates, they negatively impact productivity and often create an uninspiring environment.

The expression that there is no “I” in teams, fails to take into account that a team is simply a group of individuals who need to work well together.

Who Should Attend: This program is offered to individuals who currently manage staff, lead teams, or want to expand their communication skills with the hopes of being promoted to management. It is also essential for top performers, like successful salespeople, who are often considered for management position, but aren’t prepared for the task at hand.

What You Learn: Program sessions will cover a range of subjects providing you with the full set of tools you’ll need to be a more effective manager and team leader. These will include sessions covering: leadership skills, listening skills, coaching skills and strategic engagement initiatives. Dealing with adversity, which is often a factor when one person in a group is promoted over another, or there have been previous disagreements that have not been resolved (conflict resolution) will also be taught. 

Program Length: This is typically determined after our complimentary evaluation or discovery session. 

Program Fees: Fees are based on group or individual one-on-one programs. 

For those managers or team leaders who have specific issues or concerns, we offer an intensive program with two senior faculty members, who can assist with a wide range of leadership and communication issues.


Location: We conduct programs on-site or off-site, in person or virtually (global presence).

Click the image to learn more about what we can do to enhance your leadership skills.

Click the image to learn more about what we can do to enhance your leadership skills.