Achieve More Productive Meeting Outcomes.

Overview: Some businesses are so meeting-intensive that employees claim they go to meetings to discuss having a meeting. Since that activity is decidedly unproductive, it is important that meetings be structured based on a clear goals, a defined agenda, and a strategy to engage.

All of these factors are based on utilizing effective communications skills, whether you are participating in a one-on-one meeting with a colleague, interviewing a prospective employee, or engaging in an ongoing discussion with a client or a customer.

In all these instances, it is important that the interaction define common ground and seek to achieve resolution, next steps, or a general understanding.

Meetings that leave attendees wondering what was discussed, or feeling left out for one reason or another, can negatively impact a range of mission-critical goals and requirements.

Who Should Attend: This program is offered to individuals who want to improve their general communication skills and be a more productive part of any meeting.

What You Learn: Program sessions will cover a range of subjects providing you with the full set of tools you’ll need to be a more effective meeting organizer and participant. These will include sessions covering: Setting objectives, inviting engagement, possessing insights into others, reducing anxiety, speaking presence (energy), using email and texting effectively (writing skills), and other factors that will make you more productive and confident. 


Program Length: This is typically determined after our complimentary evaluation or discovery session. 

Program Fees: Fees are based on group or individual one-on-one programs. 

For those individuals who have specific issues or concerns, we offer an intensive program with two faculty members, who can assist with a wide range of productive meeting-oriented issues.


Location: We conduct programs on-site or off-site, in person or virtually (global presence).

Click the image to learn how to make every meeting more engaging and productive.

Click the image to learn how to make every meeting more engaging and productive.