We Work With Employees On All Levels.


Google's Project Oxygen, shocked everyone by concluding that among the eight most important qualities of Google’s top employees, STEM skills came in dead last, while  coaching and communication skills finished #1 and #2.

Through our programs, we: 

  • Teach the skills to create a confident, compelling professional presence.
  • Guide leaders to authentically connect, engage and lead stakeholders. 
  • Coach managers to build a self-empowered mindset and confidence. 
  • Contribute to a positive organizational culture.

Our Executive Support Programs Focus on Leadership

Our one-on-one executive sessions provide executives with tools and strategies to stay on message, connect with the audience, and motivate colleagues, clients and customers.  To accomplish this, we role play typical speaking situations and provide rigorous feedback, while isolating specific needs. Training can also include sessions that address impromptu speaking, formal speeches, and PowerPoint presentations, along with strategies for dealing with tough questions. Videotape feedback is also used.

Customized Programs for Managers and Sales Personnel

Effective communication is critical to a company's daily activities, and helps to define its successes or reveal its limitations. These activities include meetings between team members, presentations to colleagues, sales pitches to customers, and a range of other interactions. In order to help our clients become more effective communicators, our staff customizes programs that address individual needs, from simple nervousness to meandering messages. We also teach how to  educate, rather than sell.

Generalized Programs to Maintain Consistent Performance 

Successful businesses understand the importance of ongoing communication skill training. At CSEC, our programs often employ a discussion environment that welcomes interaction; role playing and exercises that simulate typical business environments; and coaching of actual presentations, sales pitches, and meeting scenarios.​ Since our goal is to improve everyday business communication skills, we focus on how to stay on message, invite feedback, and effectively engage the audience.